Dame Kelly Holmes Trust’s programmes for young people facing disadvantage have added almost £23 million in social value over the past four years, figures published today reveal.

The UK charity uses world class athletes to transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage and empower them to deliver positive change within their communities.

The figures – complied by Envoy Partnership and Skyblue Research – show that the charity’s Get on Track, On Track to Achieve and AQA Unlocking Potential programmes had a combined social value of £23 million since 2012. The Trust’s Get on Track programme also reported a Social Return on Investment of 4.3:1.

Social value is the impact created for people, communities and organisations, expressed in monetary terms.

This value includes changes to individuals’ health and well-being, as well as financial changes such as an individual’s income when they move into employment. It also includes benefits to the government, such as reduced demand on health services.

The findings are included within the Trust’s Transforming Lives and Communities publication, which outlines the value of their activity to the UK economy.

Emma Atkins, CEO at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, said:

“It’s extremely encouraging to see the positive impact that our work is having on young people and local communities across the UK. This is real testament to our phenomenal workforce of world class athletes and the wide range of regional partners we work with to ensure our programmes are always achieving far reaching benefits to society."

Oliver Kempton, Partner at Envoy Partnership, added:

“The Trust has shown a real commitment to understanding the impact of its work and to continually improve. This new social value figure is a culmination of the Trust’s success over the past four years. It shows that the Trust is making a very significant difference to communities across the UK.”