Emma Atkins, Chief Executive of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, who has been with the charity since it started in 2008, is leaving to become Director of Coaching at Sports Coach UK.

Emma has been instrumental in leading the charity since Dame Kelly first announced her vision to empower young people facing disadvantage by utilising the support of world class athletes.

Emma, who has been Chief Executive since 2015, originally joined as Sports Director when the charity was founded in 2008. During this time, the Trust has grown to have a positive impact on the lives of more than 300,000 young people facing disadvantage across the UK. It has also supported over 500 athletes to transition successfully into lives beyond sport.

With an extensive coaching background, Emma utilised this experience to establish the Trust’s support programme for athletes beyond sport. This included extensive training programmes to ensure that their high performing attitudes and behaviours were harnessed and used to give back to society and empower others.

In 2012, she led the scaling up of the Trust’s flagship Get on Track programme to be delivered in over 50 areas across the UK. Since taking over as CEO she has worked closely with stakeholders and partners to ensure that the Trust’s ambition to reach every of the UK by 2020 is realised, always with a focus on sustainability and impact measurement.

Emma Atkins, said: “I am immensely proud of what we have achieved during my time at the Trust.

“It has been incredible to see the progress that has been made since those early days. It is especially rewarding to leave at a time when the impact we are having on the lives of young people is greater than ever before.

“We have proven the transformational impact that can be achieved for our young people if we successfully utilisise the attitudes and skills of our high performing sports people.

“This group are such a valuable asset to our society and we must continue to realise that if supported correctly, they can deliver far greater outcomes than just medal success, which can have a lasting impact on the UK economy.

“I will miss the Trust – which many of us refer to as a family – greatly, however I am excited to be taking on a new challenge of growing a coaching movement across the UK, which will ensure more people are active and reaching their own potential in sport and in life.

“I look forward to watching with high interest, as Dame Kelly Holmes Trust continues to flourish in the future.”

Speaking following the announcement, President at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Dame Kelly Holmes, said: “I have worked with Emma for over nine years and her tireless enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to helping the Trust achieve its aims and supporting others to be the best they can be has been a great example to everyone.

“I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to her for everything that she has done and achieved during her time with my charity.  I know that coaching in the UK has just gained a fantastic leader to benefit all in society.”

Mike Kelly, Chair at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, added: “Emma departs the Trust in a tremendous position, leaving a legacy which has never been stronger.

“This includes a dynamic, skilled and professional team, which she has helped to build up. The Trust is also in a sound and secure financial position, which will enable us to continue growing across the UK and transforming the lives of thousands more young people who need our support over the coming years.

“Emma leaves a shared vision across the wider Trust family of partners, built on Dame Kelly’s inspiration. This includes an athlete team who are passionate to empower change in others and a clear route to ensure we reach the goals outlined in our Go The Extra Mile strategy.

“She has also installed a culture built around impact measurement, which never over claims and shows the true effect of our work on the lives of young people and wider society.

“And finally, she leaves an expanded board, who bring a suite of new skills and are equally passionate about our support of athletes and young people.”