Commenting on Young Women’s Trust’s results from their annual survey of 4,000 18-30 year olds, No Country for Young Women, Emma Atkins, Chief Executive at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, said:

“Today’s Young Women’s Trust poll results reflect the reality of thousands of young people facing disadvantage in the UK and strengthens the requirements to ensure that young people have access to help and support they need to improve their life opportunities and wellbeing.

As a charity we have placed a greater focus on supporting young women than ever before, including the introduction of women-only Get on Track programmes with our partner BT Supporters Club. We pride ourselves on supporting young adults and specifically women at risk of sexual exploitation and our programmes have been proven to increase their confidence, emotional wellbeing and employability, with 100% of young women on the woman only Get on Track reporting that they lead a healthier lifestyle at the 2 month stage of the programme.

It is now essential that young women are supported to unlock the behaviours and attitudes they have needed to become happy, healthy and employable members of their communities. We also believe it is important for young women to have access to support and mentoring to help remove the barriers that participants on our programmes are telling us exist. 71% of young women on Get on Track report feeling motivated and prepared to enter or re-enter employment, education or training at the 2 month stage of the programme.

We know that it is possible to improve the lives of young people facing disadvantage. Therefore, the Young Women’s Trust’s call to put young people at the centre of the political agenda is something that is urgently required to help ensure the futures of our young people today, and future generations to come. Research for our latest Go The Extra Mile campaign provides clear steps, explaining how organisations can alter existing practices to enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to flourish.”