Dame Kelly Holmes Trust delivered its transformational mentoring programmes for young people facing disadvantage in 60 areas of the UK last year, a 46% increase compared to 2015/16. The growth supports the charity’s vision to be in every area of the UK by 2020.

The Trust announced the findings as part of its 2016/17 Annual Report, which also highlights an increase in the Social Return on Investment of its flagship Get on Track programme to 4.3:1; meaning for every £1 spent, £4.30 was generated in social value.

Founded in 2008 by Double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes, the charity trains and develops world class athletes to empower young people facing disadvantage to lead a positive life. Their programmes are proven to have a lasting impact on the lives of young people and enable them to become healthy, achieve in education, enjoy career success and take part in meaningful activities.

Last year the charity ran community and school based programmes for care leavers, homeless people, young offenders, women at risk of sexual exploitation and those living within isolated communities.

In total, 32,577 young people were supported through the Trust’s programmes over the 12-month period, with 3,198 going through their long-term high impact transformational programmes – a record annual figure.

At the five-month stage of Get on Track two thirds of participants had already entered employment, education or training and a further 78% felt more connected to their local community. The Trust’s impact has led to it being shortlisted for Charity of the Year at the prestigious Charity Times Awards 2017.

Michael Kelly, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, said: “Last year we embarked on a bold and ambitious four-year strategy, which set out to not just inspire but transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage across every area of the UK, through the support of our world class athletes.

“We are delighted to report that, as a result of this vision – and due to the strength of our partnerships and generosity of our supporters – we have been able to reach the highest number of young people across the most amount of areas through our transformational programmes in the charity’s nine year history.

“As we strive towards our 2020 vision, we will require the support of exceptional partners and supporters more than ever before. This will be crucial to ensuring we realise our goals and are able to reach some of the most vulnerable young people across the UK when they need our help most.”

Full versions of the Annual Report, Trustee Report and Financial Statements can be accessed here.