Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has been invited to contribute to a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) workshop, which will discuss strengthening the use of sport to achieve positive outcomes for young people in the justice system.

Hosted by Dr Philip Lee (Under Secretary of State for Youth Justice, Victims, Female Offenders and Offender Health), the session will provide a platform for the Trust and other organisations to share best practice examples of their work with young offenders and shape future policy.

The Trust has delivered a range of personal, social and emotional development programmes for young offenders, including those on release on temporary license and targeting gang culture within disadvantaged communities. The charity has also ran a pilot programme to directly support young offenders within prison walls at HMP Humber.

The charity uses world class athletes to mentor young people facing disadvantage across the UK, with sessions including a range of activities and one-to-one tailored support. This empowers young people to realise the attitudes needed to lead a positive life and make a valuable contribution within their local community.

Earlier this year, the charity was accepted onto Novus DPS-Provision of Services for Those in Custody, Those at Risk of Offending and Those Transitioning into the Community from a Custodial Setting; meaning it is considered a preferred supplier and can now tender for delivery of programmes with outcomes that support the rehabilitation of young offenders.

Ben Hilton, Director of Programmes at Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, said: “We are delighted to have been invited to attend this session, which is testament to the impact our athletes and programmes are having across the UK to support young offenders.

“We know that transformational change is possible, regardless of a young person’s past or current circumstances. The most crucial factor towards achieving this is being able to unlock positive behaviour change, which is something that runs at the core of all our programmes.

“Dr Philip Lee has been particularly innovative in his approach towards youth justice, which we believe is a positive step forward in reducing the risk of reoffending occurring upon release.”

Click here to watch Seb’s Story – an example of a young offender who was supported by the Trust to lead a positive life.