People living in the north west of England had a treat during Comic Relief's Red Nose Day BBC extravaganza, as a short film about the Trust's Liverpool Get on Track programme was featured in the regional section.

In 2017 & 2018 Comic Relief funded three women only Get on Track programmes in Hayes, Leeds & Liverpool as part of their Levelling the Field programme. For Red Nose Day, Comic Relief brought along a BBC film crew to visit Laura who attended the programme to talk about the impact Get on Track had on her alongside her athlete mentor Jenna Downing:


I was unemployed and debating on what to do with my life... having Jenna teach me how to be more confident, it's also taught me resilience as well and that can be applied to other things in life.


To be able to play a part in their journeys and supporting them throughout the tough times they've had has meant so much to me, so thanks to Comic Relief and Dame Kelly Holmes Trust for giving young people these kind of opportunities.


Thanks to the BBC and Comic Relief, we're able to share the short film now with the rest of the UK who weren't able to watch on the evening. We'd also like to thank YouthFed for being great partners on the programme.

As a part of all these Levelling the Field programmes, the Trust Keep In Touch with the young people concerned and support them over a 14 month period. We're really pleased that in Hayes at the last session, 88% of attendees were now in employment.

As well as funding Get on Track, Comic Relief also provided funding for one of our school based On Track to Achieve programmes in Liverpool that was co-designed by the young women who attended the Get on Track programme using experiences and skills gained to influence another group of young people.