At Dame Kelly Holmes Trust we believe athletes are inspirational role models and mentors. It is widely recognised that sport requires a high degree of discipline, responsibility and perseverance. Athletes have proven leadership qualities, positive mind-set, communications skills, achievement of goals and resilience when dealing with the highs and lows of competitive sport and life. Experience has shown us that when young people are given the opportunity to work with world class athletes, they are able to adopt a more active mentality, leading to improvements in both physical and mental wellbeing, that’s what makes our programmes unique.

In a similar vein, these incredible individuals work with our corporate partners and supporters to bring out the key attitudes needed for success, whilst inspiring, motivating and developing the well-being of their workforce.

One such recent workshop was delivered by Commonwealth gold medalist Adam Whitehead to the leadership team at Baker Mallett, silver corporate partner to the Trust. Neil Griffiths, CEO explained the organisation’s motivation for utilising this Trust service:

As a business, we have never stood still and we truly believe that it is our commitment to change and moving forward that has enabled the business to exist for over a century.  The global pandemic has changed us all, individually and collectively and so last week, our senior managers decided to devote some time for reflection and realignment after this extraordinary time.


Developed to meet the needs of business in the current climate, the Trust can deliver a series of workshops on key topics aimed at unlocking the performance of teams within organisations, providing a unique insight into the key attitudes and mindset that drive a world class team and individual performance. The session delivered for Baker Mallett focused on teamwork and marginal gains and was described as enlightening and engaging, with Neil adding:

It is all too easy, particularly when you reach management level, to assume there is nothing new to learn.  Today only reinforced that for me.  Adam’s session reinvigorated the importance of honesty and teamwork in our team as we discovered how the interplay in our relationships affects our whole operation.

Adam Whitehead, who delivered the training added

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with the leadership team at Baker Mallett. Being able to utilise my experiences in elite sport and share the importance of teamwork, communication, and high performing mindset to benefit the team was fantastic. It also demonstrates that the Trust’s work in supporting world class athletes can not only benefit young people facing disadvantage, but businesses as well.


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