Getting out of your comfort zone and learning how to change your mindset are important parts of the Get on Track programme. Recently the group in Weymouth went climbing for the day and athlete mentor Rich Parker explains the importance of these sessions and how crucial a role these can play in a young person's development.

We had a great day on Thursday, with lots of opportunities for the group to push themselves. The day started with a warm up doing some indoor bouldering and progressed onto a purpose built rock stack at the Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre. Plenty of the group felt a little nervous or scared at times during this challenge, however, what really impressed me and fellow athlete mentor Dave, was that not only did everyone give it a go, but they all reached the top and then challenged themselves to tackle an even more difficult route!

In the afternoon the day finished with us taking what we had learnt to Portland, where we had the opportunity to abseil down the huge sea cliffs. Not all of our group completed it, but some personal barriers were certainly broken, one of the group, who by his own admission is terrified of heights, got hooked up and stood right in the edge of this huge cliff face. It was a great day of achievement and brilliant to witness the group showing such determination and willingness to do things that they didn't find easy.

Now obviously for most people the ability to abseil is not going to be an important life skill, or something that immediately springs to mind when you think about employability.  But it's the transferable skill of being able to overcome something which you didn't think you were able to do and work outside of your comfort zone that is the crucial thing.

Throughout the programme there are many opportunities for the group to do new things that challenge them in different ways, some may be a physical thing they are afraid of, or perhaps talking in front of others or maybe organising and planning an activity or session. Whatever it is, it's ultimately an opportunity for future reflection. So in the future, when they will undoubtedly be faced with a difficult step to take at some point, the young people will be able to think back to all those situations and take confidence that they are often capable of so much more than they think or might give themselves credit for.

They can then start to shift their self belief to move away from the mindset of "I can't do it" to "How will I do it" instead.

Get on Track for Employability is being delivered in Weymouth in partnership with Face Forward.

Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the National Lottery Community Fund.