The Young Ambassadors programme enables young people to develop their leadership skills to become agents of social change in their communities. Delivering a social action project allows young people to put into practice all the skills they have learned throughout the programme, while also giving back to the community they live, study and work in.

Back in December last year, we caught up with the first group of Young Ambassadors who were working on a social action project looking at promoting online safety for younger children. We're pleased to say that Mal, Steven, Nicole and Lauren have been working hard in the meantime to plan the sessions and delivery started in the last couple of months in schools across Northern Ireland. This video tells the story of how the project developed...

Steven who delivered one of the pilot sessions said:

I think the first three session we've created, it's been amazing. All the kids are really taking to it, I think they've learned a lot from it.

Adam Whitehead, athlete mentor on the programme:

The group here we've got here are fantastic. They've been through a leadership programme a few years ago and what's been fantastic is to see their motivation, they're still wanting to make a change in their own communities.

The Young Leaders Training and Young Ambassadors programme is being delivered by Dame Kelly Holmes Trust in partnership with PeacePlayers International NI on behalf of the Department of Communities. You can follow their journey and also find out about our other programmes on Twitter.