Nicky was a young child living in Spain at the time of the Barcelona Olympics.  She watched the Olympic torch go through her town on its way to the Stadium and it was a life changing moment from that point.  She made the decision there and then that  she wanted to compete in an Olympic games. At that stage she didn't know what sport, she just knew I wanted to go.

Nicky dabbled in many sports competing in athletics, sailing, swimming and hockey until at the age of 12 she discovered badminton. Then the decision was made this was the sport she wanted to pursue in the hope of achieving her childhood dreams. She was a late starter and had a lot of catching up to do, but with the skills she had developed from other sports and her natural physical ability she developed quickly and soon was competing and winning junior national tournaments. Her success was recognised and she was given opportunities to represent England in international events.

Nicola has been competing full time for the last 10 years, travelling, training and competing all over the world. First representing England at 17, and becoming National Champion in 2011 and 2015. She has reached semi and quarter finals regularly at international level but yet to take home the gold. She has struggled with a fair number of injuries over the years which has led to missing long periods of full time training and competition.

Through her badminton career Nicola went to live in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe’s strongest badminton nation where she spent 4 years developing herself both on court and off and continuing her badminton  coaching which she has done from the age of 16.

In the last year Nicola qualified as a life coach and hopes to continue to develop her skills in that field.

Giving Back

Nicola joined the Trust at the end of 2016 and looks to develop her life coaching skills by shadowing other coaches and mentors, as well as mentoring other athletes and young people.

She has always had a passion for helping people gain direction and achieve their goals which is what led her to firstly start as a badminton coach, then qualify as a life coach and now to be a part of the Trust.

Competitive Record

-          2015 - Woman’s singles National Champion

-          2014 - Represent England at Uber Cup Finals, India

-          2011 - Represented England at Uber Cup, The Netherlands

-          2011 - Woman’s singles National Champion

-          2006 - Represented England in U22 4 Nations

-          2005 - Represented England in Danish Junior Cup

-          2004 - Represented England in U17 Quadrangular tournament