On Track to Achieve for Wellbeing is an innovative seven month school based mentoring programme in which Athlete Mentors work with groups of young people to become more physically active and to improve their mental wellbeing.

The programme helps develop the confidence, emotional resilience and teamwork of the young people, and enables them to prepare to understand more about the benefits of an active lifestyle and to understand the role this can have on mental wellbeing.

Over the course of the programme, young people will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with an Athlete Mentor to achieve their personal goals and targets set for the programme.
  • Work as a team with other young people from within the school and/or in the local community.
  • Be part of a social action project that will make a positive impact locally.
  • Undertake new types of physical activity

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Athlete Mentors use the below framework to discuss and agree specific outcomes with teachers and plan activities accordingly:

Teachability     – Develop the right attitudes for learning.

Responsibility  – Develop skills for managing yourself and leading others.

Aspirations      – Raise aspirations and expectations of future goals.

Character        – Increase confidence, self-belief and motivation.

Knowledge      – Further develop skills and knowledge.

The Social Action Project
In addition to the benefits for individuals being mentored, there are benefits to the wider school through the social action project. The project encourages and enables each young person to make a positive change in their local community using physical activity, supporting the school ethos through:

  • High standards of academic achievement and pursuit of fulfilment in personal and social development
  • Development and application of personal, learning and thinking skills across a broad range of subjects
  • Excelling in school life beyond the taught curriculum and seeking opportunities to further learning
  • Contributing positively to the well-being of the school and the wider community
  • Understanding the importance of learning throughout their lives

Thank you to United Learning for working with us to develop a bespoke version of Get on Track for use in schools/colleges, and allowing us to use their TRACK outcomes to do so.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out about running On Track to Achieve for Employability in your school, please get in touch at [email protected]