Together it is possible to transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage.

Roshane (18), London Get on Track

I could be on the streets right now doing drugs if it hadn’t been for this scheme. I’ve learnt so much from my athlete mentor. As a result, I’m now studying sport science at university and hope to become a physiotherapist. 

Impact measurement is a crucial part of our work as it not only demonstrates what we do, why we do it, and why it’s important, but it also informs our work going forward.

Our beneficiaries are at the heart of all we do. To really understand the impact of our work you can find out more about the young people we work with in the case study section of this website. 

To offer a summary of the impact of our work, key highlights from 2016-17 include: 

  • For every £1 spent on Get on Track there is a social value of £4.30 
  • 3,198 young people impacted through our transformational programmes
  • 29,379 young people impacted through our inspirational programmes
  • 65% of young people were in education, employment or training in just five months of starting ‘Get on Track’
  • 90% of students were more focussed on achieving their goals after attending ‘On Track to Achieve’
  • 78% of young people felt more connected to their local community (compared to 55% at the start of the programme)
  • 235 new community leaders trained through On Track to Achieve
  • For every young person on Get on Track, a further 5 people in the community were impacted
  • 36% growth in social media followers
  • 30.2 million people were informed about the Trust's work through national and regional media
  • Our programmes for young people facing disadvantage have added almost £23 million in social value over the past four years

View our published Annual Report 2016-17