Dame Kelly Holmes Trust’s vision is that that every young person has the confidence, resilience and self-esteem to succeed in life. We aim to transform the lives of young people through the power of world class athlete mentors delivering personal, social and emotional development programmes

Our programmes increase young people’s confidence, resilience and self-esteem which enables them to move into employment, become leaders within their communities, achieve in education and to improve their wellbeing through sport and physical activity.

In order to achieve this, we have designed our young people programmes into four impact areas:


Our programmes around Wellbeing ensure that young people have the necessary tools and attitudes to ensure both physical and mental well-being. Wellbeing issues in early teens, if not tackled early, can develop into more serious conditions, impacting on school results and opportunities later on in life.  Research shows that mental illness in young people often develops from age 14 onwards and the trends in terms of young people's mental, emotional, social and physical health are concerning.

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We know that supporting young people to gain employability skills, explore their aspirations and increase their confidence and motivation will ultimately lead to young people making lasting changes and fulfilling their potential.    

We know that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to have access to the networks of advice, information and experiences of work to enable them to turn aspiration into reality.  It is very hard to aim for an opportunity that you do not know exists. 

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The Trust have always been clear that achieving within Education is vital to prevent some young people going off track and not being able to fulfill their potential.

Through no fault of their own, some young people often need a little more assistance to help them achieve the results they are capable of and our education based programmes allow our athlete mentors time and space to work with these young people and enable them to secure qualifications and skills they may otherwise miss out on.

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Leadership is crucial for young people in order to learn the necessary skills and attitudes to influence and develop their communities in the years ahead.

Our Youth Leadership programmes aim to create highly motivated, skilled and socially responsible young people who are enthusiastic about driving forward positive change in their communities and in society.

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