We can now evidence how athletes’ high performance transcends beyond sport. If someone can demonstrate a core set of attitudes and values on a track, field or in the pool, then with the right training we know they will be able to replicate this across many other arenas; both within the workplace but also across different communities.

Independent research conducted by Prof David Lavallee and Dr Pete Coffee at the University of Stirling demonstrates: 

  • To employers how elite athletes transitioning from their sporting career can be a valuable resource and capitalise on their extraordinary skills to manage challenging economic times.

  • How engaging in elite sport elevates employer evaluations of potential job candidates.

  • That elite athletes making the transition into work possess essential employability skills.

This new research provides statistically significant evidence that elite athletes are extremely high performers across a broad and diverse range of workplaces. It is their confidence, proactivity and determination that brings about meaningful change to those around them.

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