Around Christmas time I lost my job and on top of that I was dealing with family problems at home as my grandmother passed away. Get on Track came at a perfect time for me.

It allowed me to realise qualities in myself I previously didn’t know I had.

I began to see in myself what others could see in me, and stopped doubting whether or not I could do something. It allowed me to figure out where my skill set lied and it inspired me to follow new career pathways.

It wasn’t complete plain sailing for me: at times I let my passion boil over. Yet as the programme progressed I became more aware of this and made changes to the way I approached tasks. I put this success down to the safe and supportive environment that Get on Track provided to me.

The mentors put their heart and souls into making sure every young person gets the most out of the experience - it was a really fun, friendly and safe place to be.

They put everything into helping you realise your potential and achieve what you want to achieve. If I’d not done Get on Track I would still be holding onto a lot of hurt; it’s certainly the best thing I could have done.

My favourite part of the programme was the physical activity and the sport opportunities. I enjoyed the day spent at the BMX racing track doing a BMX racing session with support athlete Kelvin Batey.

Thanks to Get on Track it made me realise I have a passion for supporting young people. Since finishing the programme, I’ve decided to pursue a career in youth work and I’m currently volunteering with Dame Kelly Holmes Trust to build my experience in this line of work. I’ve also been invited back to volunteer as a staff member on the next Nottingham GOT.