Our world class athletes can support your team to reach the next level through interactive workshops designed to unlock the potential within your teams.


Covering a range of topics, we provide a unique insight into the key attitudes and mindset that drive a world class team and individual performance. Your team will leave each session feeling motivated, energised and inspired to be better performing individuals and collective team members.

All sessions are guided by your needs and requirements. Our world-class athletes will meet with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business to focus the sessions around unlocking the best performance from your team.

Timings are flexible, but as a guide, we would expect 1 topic in a half-day session lasting approximately 3-4 hours.

Workshop Themes:

Confidence and Self-Belief

Understand what confidence looks like individually and how this can be built upon and supported within a team. 

Resilience and Problem Solving

Understand learning preferences and how to use this knowledge to improve problem solving. Understand resilience and its importance for reaching the top level of performance.

Leadership and Values

Leadership is key in boosting team morale; discuss the importance of leadership, what makes an effective leader and the strategies that can be taken to improve performance.

Communication and Teamwork

Understand effective communication and how to apply this. Examine work practices, identifying areas of challenge, development and opportunity.

Goal Setting

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation; understand goal setting, the ownership of goals and marginal gains.

Facilitation and Group Dynamics

Understand learning preferences and how to adapt your approach to assist the performance of others within your team.

Well-Being and Stress Tolerance

How can you work effectively during demanding times? This session will encourage you to self-reflect and provide you with strategies to apply to the workplace.



Consider what motivates you both individually and as a team and why it is key to focus on these things to improve performance.

Each session will provide an effective understanding of the theme and examine work practices to acknowledge areas of development, challenge or opportunity. You will be provided with a toolkit and knowledge to develop this area of staff performance.

Please get in touch for more information and to discuss how our world-class athletes can provide a unique workshop for your team, unlocking the key attitudes needed to be a top performer.

To find out more, please contact Richard or Pippa on [email protected]