I wasn’t really doing anything before attending Get on Track. I’d not been well for a few years after leaving school and then I didn’t get on with college, so I left about half way through my course.

I was unemployed for about a year after that before my work coach at the job centre recommended the Get on Track programme. At the time I was lonely, often at home on my own and didn’t have many friends so I was keen to get out and do it, it sounded like a really fun thing.

I was really nervous meeting the group for the first time, it felt really daunting. But luckily my athlete mentor Dave Hill was great and he helped everyone get along and by the end of the first week I had made lots of friends which was great.

Dave made everyone feel really comfortable on the course and he really motivated me to get on and do something. My confidence had really grown just in the first week and I realised from some of the activities we did that I really enjoyed leading groups of people and that really helped when we did our community project to help raise money for a homeless charity.

After finishing Get on Track, I had the confidence to start volunteering at the Joshua Tree Project. They are a joinery firm who take on young people with learning difficulties and the volunteering went so well that they offered me a full time job. I’m now working alongside the Managing Director and am responsible for looking after the website and our social media channels.

I have met lots of contacts through the Joshua Tree project and am setting up my own website and learning new skills so I can take on freelance work. In the future I’m looking to take an Open University degree and then hopefully one day be able to run my own business.

Before going on the Get on Track programme I had no confidence and my life was going nowhere. Because of the course I now have a boyfriend, a great job and am really positive about my future.