Romaine got into Taekwondo as his mum wanted him to have something to occupy his time outside of school at the age of seven. He took to it as it was physical and required loads of energy, which he had loads of as a youngster. He always looked to take part in sports but Taekwondo became his number one sport for enjoyment and success.

Romaine first represented Great Britain at the age of 14, the pride and enthusiasm that this induced proved to him that this was the sport that he had the ambition and drive to compete in at the highest level. Romaine went on to become a full time athlete when he turned 16, moving away from home, first to Loughborough, then Manchester to be part of the National academy set up. Romaine has competed at Junior and Senior European and World Championships.

Giving Back to Sport

Romaine  has been coaching since 2009, helping young athletes reach their full  potential. He has also started introducing Taekwondo into schools to raise the  profile of the sport within a number of diverse communities. In 2011 Romaine  was part of a coaching team that held training camps at the National Academy in  order to find the newest talent in the country as well as trying to select a  team for the Junior European Championships that year.

Romaine is heavily involved with the Trust as an athlete mentor and leads on Get on Track programmes across the London area.

Competitive record

2007 Ranked 3rd in Europe, 54 kg
2006 Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships
Junior -59 kg Silver and Senior -58 kg Bronze

Junior Championships
Austrian Open, 51 kg Silver
Danish Open, 55kg Silver
Senior Championships
Dutch Open, 54 kg Silver
German Open, 54 kg Silver and Bronze
British Open, 58 kg Silver

4x British Champion