Sam is a three time Paralympic Judo player, achieving notable success claiming 2 Paralympic medals and multiple World and European medals including twice being crowned European champion. 

Sam has a visual impairment which he has had since birth. Both Sam and his brother have the same eye condition which inhibits their ability to see clearly at distance, loss of central vision, total colour blindness and difficult seeing in bright light.

Sam’s journey through sport has been a rocky one whilst having notable success as he has struggled with injuries.  However, he prides himself on three distinctive elements that have always helped him progress; hard work, commitment and a positive mental attitude.  

Giving Back

Sam has been volunteering as an assistance talent development coach at Judo Scotland. He has also delivered to adults and young people at specific Judo training days and weekends and recently he has also been involved in a project aimed at getting more visually impaired children into judo, hoping to inspire potential future Paralympians.

Sam is keen to pass on his experience and expertise around sport and personal development.

Competitive Record

2016 Rio Paralympic, Fifth

2016 European Championships, Bronze

2015 World Championships, Silver

2013 European Championships, Gold

2012 London Paralympics, Silver 

2011 European Championships, Gold

2010 World Championships, Silver

2010 European Championships, Bronze

2008 Beijing Paralympics, Bronze

2007 World Championships, Silver