Sarah Ayton OBE came from a non sailing background in Middlesex to become double Olympic and World Sailing Champion, winning Olympic gold in Athens 2004 and Beijing in 2008. She was also Rolex World Sailor of the Year in 2015.

Sarah comes from a non sailing background and growing up in Middlesex, sailing wasn’t really the done thing! Sarah’s parents were keen for her to have a hobby and by chance they stumbled across a local sailing club which over time supported Sarah’s love for the sport.

Following retirement from sailing, Sarah became a performance coach and personal trainer helping her clients to be stronger for the things they love to do. She is also a motivational speaker with over a decade of experience, inspiring many corporate teams to be more successful.

Outside of work she is a mother to Thomas and Oscar and she enjoys fitness with the family, getting outdoors and is always looking for a challenge.

What attracted Sarah to the More than Medals programme: 

Sarah is passionate about helping young people transform their lives so when she found out about the More Than Medals programme it felt like a perfect fit. Sarah is very grateful to the Trust for this opportunity and is looking forward to learning the necessary skills  to mentor young people and  make a difference.

Giving Back

Sarah has been involved in a number of grassroots sailing initiatives which have created opportunities for children to try sailing for the first time.

Sarah is passionate about creating opportunities and supporting individuals to overcome barriers that are preventing them from achieving their goals, hopes and ambitions.

Being able to create an open and honest environment allowing individuals to share the challenges they face and to work with them to create pathway forward is a rewarding role. One of the biggest lesson sport had taught Sarah is to remain logical and solution focused which has really helped her overcome challenging times.

Competitive Record

2015 Extreme Sailing Champions
2008 Olympic Champions
2008 World Champions
2008 European Champions
2007 World Champion
2007 Olympic test event winners
2004 Olympic Champions
1998 2nd ISAF Youth World Championships