Seb spent time in three different prisons before meeting athlete mentor Lee Shinkin.

I went on the course, and that's where it all changed for me...

I got kicked out of college and then I just gave up on Education. I was doing crime. I was stealing, I sold drugs and then I went to prison.

I got myself into trouble and spent time in three different prisons. I didn’t know what to do or how to change things. Then I met athlete mentor Lee Shinkin. That’s when it all changed for me.

Doing the course [Get on Track] was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Having people believe in me and being able to be a leader to others who were just like me – I never thought it possible.

I was offered a job at the YMCA as a maintenance engineer after being on the course with Lee. I now feel like I am part of something; part of a team. Going from nothing to having hope. Anyone can make the change but you have to want to, and having someone who understands to help you do that makes all the difference.

Thank you so much.

Watch the short video to see how meeting athlete mentor Lee Shinkin and attending Get on Track helped turn Seb's life around.