Simon started playing Wheelchair Basketball in 1992 after an accident in September 1991 involving a train.

He was taking a short cut home after a night out, and got trapped on the track, lying there struggling to get free – Simon could see the train coming, but there was nothing he could do but wait for the inevitable.

When the train ran over his leg he was free, free to try and get help at the roadside. Simon had to try and flag down a car, it was late at night and there was not a light in sight – so flagging down a car wasn’t easy. Finally a car stopped and rang for an ambulance.

Whilst Simon was in rehab a physio talked to him about playing wheelchair basketball, at first he wasn’t interested but after a while he decided to go and watch a local tournament and never looked back.

Giving Back

Simon has always tried to give back to sport by being a role model to young athlete. Simon has been a mentor at the Sainsbury School games, giving his insight and tips to the younger athletes.

Simon enjoys motivating young people to achieve whatever it is they choose to do – be it in sport, school or work.

Competitive record

2015 – European Championships, Worcestershire, GB (Gold)

2014 – World Championships, Incheon, South Korea (7th place)

2013 – European Championships, Frankfurt, Germany (Gold)

2012 – London Paralympic Games (4th place)

2011 – European Championships, Nazareth, Israel (Gold)

2010 – World Wheelchair Basketball Championships, Birmingham, UK (5th place)