Stacey Copeland grew up immersed in boxing. Her Dad boxed for England before turning professional and her Grandad boxed before opening an amateur gym in the 1970’s. Stacey loved the sport and was always watching boxing, or in the gym, sparring, training, and going to all the shows with her club mates.

However, despite being just as good as the boys in her club, Stacey could not compete as boxing was banned for women at that time.

Stacey’s other love was football, so she went on to pursue a successful career in football, representing England as well as playing abroad in America and Sweden. At the age of 29, after suffering numerous injuries in football and having achieved all she had wanted in the sport, Stacey decided to dedicate herself to boxing. She asked her dad to be her coach and the pair began a remarkable journey. Stacey has now been competing for over five years and in that time has won a European silver medal, Nation’s cup gold medal, and is a 3 time national champion. Her national title in 2015 meant that she and her dad (Eddie Copeland) made a little bit of history in becoming the first ever father and daughter to both win elite national titles.

Giving Back

Stacey has worked extensively with young people, she currently runs a centre for the students at risk of exclusion in Manchester’s largest secondary school. She is also an ambassador for sporting champions, the Change Foundation, and has been involved with several youth initiatives in Manchester. Stacey feels a deep appreciation to all the people who gave their time and energy throughout her career to create opportunities for her and many other youngsters in sport; she feels it is now her time to do the same and believes that positively influencing and inspiring others is her greatest privilege as an athlete.

Competitive record

Swedish International Boxcup Champion

Queen’s Cup Bronze Medal

ABA Haringey Cup Champion

ABA National Champion

Nation’s Cup Gold Medal

World Championships

Queen’s cup Silver Medal

European Silver Medal