If it weren’t for Get on Track, I’d probably be locked up, gone back to drinking or be dead. Waking up in a police cell not knowing how you got there is kind of scary.

I came out of rehab in April 2015 and the Get on Track programme came at just the right time for me. Meeting Jenna, my athlete mentor, was great. She told me that I had potential and encouraged me to do new things and when I did something good she was proper proud of me. These people really do care about your welfare and how well you do in life.

Halfway through the programme I really thought that I’m going to do this for me, and I did. I felt the healthiest I’d done for a long time.

Since I finished Get on Track I’ve got a full time job as a lifeguard at the John Charles Centre in Leeds and I enjoyed the programme so much, I volunteered on the next Get on Track programme. My role is to mentor people, and it’s nice when someone comes up to you and looks up to you. Then I’m like wow, I must be doing something good!

I also volunteer as an ambassador for the fire station in Stanley, partly to say thank you for helping set me off on the right path.

The Get on Track programme made me feel like I was getting happy again, and I’m so glad I changed my life round and I generally feel happy now every day of my life.