Growing up in east London, Theo started Judo aged 6. It was his mothers attempt to find him a focus that would keep him out of trouble.  Initially finding the sport challenging, he found his feet as a teenager when he joined Willesden Judo Club. Here he won his first National Championship, aged 15, and knew that he would be able to take this passion even further.

Theo spent 20 years in Judo, 10 of which were spent competing for Great Britain across the world. Winning five more British Championships, two Commonwealth Tournament medals as well as World Cup and European Cup medals have been described as some of the greatest years of his life. However these great moments were not without their challenges and obstacles, leaving the city he grew up in and facing the mortality of those closest to him, this journey has been a rollercoaster of emotion and determination filled with sprinkles of success.

Giving Back

Working on the Trust’s young people programmes such as Get On Track and On Track to Achieve are rewarding and thrilling in equal measures, no two days are the same and neither are any two young people. The work places you in an position of trust and responsibility, whilst giving you the opportunity to make a lasting and positive difference to the lives of young people. 

Competitive Record

2015 - European Open - Bronze, Pan-American Games - Bronze, British Open - Silver

2014 - British Championships - Gold

2013 - Glasgow World Cup - Bronze

2007 - British Championships - Silver

2006 - Commonwealth Tournament - Silver, Commonwealth Tournament - Gold, British Championships - Gold

2005 - British Junior Championships - Gold

2004 - British Junior Championships - Gold