Tom started Judo aged at six but only really started taking it seriously when he was 17 after being inspired by his friends getting a national medal. This lead him to set his sights much higher and has been competing for GB for over 10 years now.

He won his first British senior title in 2005 and won his first World Cup medal in 2012 but unfortunately this was not enough to secure selection for London 2012.

Giving Back

Tom has been working with young people since 2008. He started after he was injured and had more time to give back but loved the fact he could have an impact on others simply by sharing some of his experiences.

Tom joined the Trust in 2010 to primarily to help support the BP 2012 Young Leaders programme.  He has also worked on NCS, Get On Track and Sporting Champions.

Tom uses his experiences as an athlete to inspire and engage with young people with various backgrounds, providing advice and support to them, as well as helping them set and achieve their goals.

Competitive record

2006 Commonwealth Judo Champion
2007 Lisbon A Tournament 5th Place
2008 German Super World Cup 7th Place
2010 Slovenia European Cup Bronze
2010 Swedish European Cup Bronze
2011 Samoa World Cup 7th Place
2011 Swedish European Cup Gold
2012 British European Cup Gold
2012 Lisbon World Cup Bronze
2012 Madrid World Cup Bronze
2012 Buenos Aires World Cup Bronze
2012 Samoa World Cup Silver
2012 Chinese Grand Prix 5th Place
2013 Europeans representative
2013 Azerbaijan Grand Slam 5th Place

National Honours
British Champion 2005/11/13