At Rio 2016, Yona Knight-Wisdom became the first male Jamaican diver to compete at an Olympic Games. He first represented Jamaica in 2012 and his career incuded winning silver medals at the 2016 World Cup and also the 2019 Pan American Games.

For all the highs however, there has also been a an equal amount of struggle. Yona stands 189cm tall which is way above average for a diver which was a huge disadvtantage. However, he never let that limit his ambition, and he never listened to what people told him he couldn't do. Instead he worked hard at what he enjoyed and found a way to turn that disadvantage into an advantage.

Giving Back

One of Yona's first jobs was working as a sports leader at Acive Sports Camps in Leeds, a holiday camp which he had actually attended himself when he was young.

He has also been working as a diving coach alongside his own diving career since 2013, helping to develop the next generation of young divers. Yona has been given an incredible opportunity through diving, so he now wants to give others the belief that they can also find success if they chase the right things!

Competitive Record

2020 - British Diving Championships, Silver 1 metre board

2019 - Pan American Games, Silver 1 metre board

2019 - British Diving Championships, Gold, 3 metre board

2018 - British Diving Championships, Gold, 1 metre board

2018 - Commonwealth Games, 4th, 1 metre board

2016 - Olympic Games, 14th, 3 metre board