Our Youth Panel gives young people the opportunity to help us shape the future of the Trust, particularly on matters which impact on them, and to provide a developmental opportunity for young people. The Youth Panel will support the governance, development and design of our programmes.

The purpose of the Youth Panel is to:

  • Have a group of young people who will check and challenge our work – including research findings, programme design and delivery
  • Provide us with a better understanding of the challenges, opportunities and barriers that young people face, thereby ensure that the Trust are equipped to support young people better to achieve positive life outcomes
  • Provide our Programmes Committee members with a forum to learn from regarding issues, barriers and quality assurance of our programmes.
  • Have a group of young people who can represent the Trust at events

Our panel represents a sample of young people from across our different transformational programmes and from varied geographical locations. To ensure that the voice of a variety young people facing disadvantage are represented, we have included young people who have attended programmes in 2012 up until the present day.

If you have any questions about or would like any further information regarding the Youth Panel, please contact us on [email protected]

Meet some of our Youth Panel below: