Our Youth Voice panel was set up in late 2021 in order to listen to and understand in greater detail, the needs of the young people we work with. One of the key commitments in our 2021 strategy, Powering Potential, Shaping Futures was that our programmes would be shaped by young people and this Youth Voice panel is our first step towards meeting that commitment.

For the first session we invited young people who attended our programmes over the last five years and either told their stories as part of their time on the programme or were nominated by an athlete mentor.  One of the key issues at the moment for the Trust is looking at our culture and values as an organisation and on the first session the panel talked about this and added some key thoughts and suggestions which we have taken on board.

Future sessions will be looking at topics such as:

  • Engaging with the young people we work with digitally
  • The use of social media
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing 
  • Education and Skills/work 
  • Relationships 
  • Activities and what young people do with their time, home and the environment 
  • Having a voice/feeling heard 
  • Impact of Covid generally, diversity and inclusion

We would also like to hear of any suggestions you have about what the panel can talk about, we really do want this to be shaped by the young people we work with. Initially we'll be holding sessions every couple of months over Zoom, but in time we're hoping to meet in person and to give members the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Trust at events or in the media.

Attendees at the first meeting.

We would welcome input from any young person who has been on a Trust programme over the years, from recent attendees to anyone who may have been on one of our first programmes back in 2008! It will give you a great opportunity to shape the work of a national charity that has a positive impact on over 1000 young people a year and will be something great to talk about at an interview or put on your CV. 

If you want to get involved or find out more, please drop Rob an email on [email protected]