For the past three and a half years I've struggled with my own mental health issues. I thought at first it was just my depression and anxiety issues but it is something more than that. There is a lot of stigma and people not understanding.

For my Community Champions social action project, I decided to hold a mental health awareness gala at my local rugby club. If I can shed a little bit of light on the situation then that's a win in my eyes. There are stalls, people delivering talks and there are packs for people to take home to increase their awareness.

I feel lucky that I've been able to take part in such an amazing thing and make such a big impact on the community as well. The programme has made me more positive about my own mental health issues and my own struggles. If you'd asked me to have done this last year there would have been no chance of me doing it - but now I can't wait to do more.

Jenny Wallwork, Becki's athlete mentor

To see her create this amazing opportunity for people to come and increase their knowledge on such a hot topic has been fantastic.
This has given Becki the confidence she really needed in going forwards

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