Cameron & Matt from Victoria School took part in the AQA Unlocking Potential programme in the 2018/19 academic year. As part of the programme, they had to deliver a social action project that brings a benefit to their local community. The film below tells their story...

For their project, Cameron and Matt wanted to deliver sports sessions to younger people, to give them an understanding of how wheelchair users can play sport and also show them how to adapt sports and games so everyone could participate. The video shows them trialling the sessions on children in their school during a PE lesson.

Athlete mentor Anna Turney worked with Cameron & Matt over the seven month programme

Cam has had some personal challenges and I've really seen him grow in confidence and happiness. Matt started off very quiet and shy and now he's there and he's saying 'this is how we should do it' and then he's up there delivering it!

Teachers at the school highlighted how much the programme had helped Cameron and Matt, they were more confident and they were really seeing the payback in the classroom. 

Following the video shoot, both Cameron and Matt attended the AQA Unlocking Potential celebration event in London in July 2019 where they were presented with certificates of achievement by Dame Kelly Holmes and Amy Williams MBE.

Cameron joined athlete mentor Anna on stage to talk to the group about their social action project and also the progress they had made during the programme. As Cameron said during the video:

You're seeing what you can find inside yourself to where you're being the best person you can be.