Get on Track for Wellbeing is our community-based personal, social and emotional development programme designed to help young people become more physically active and to improve their mental wellbeing.

Get on Track for Wellbeing is a long term programme led by world class athletes and is aimed at young people aged 16-25 who are facing disadvantage. The programme uses
personal, social and emotional development practices to increase the participants confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Through activities and mentoring, young people will increase their physical activity levels and improve self-belief, motivation and self-esteem, leading to more positive attitudes and behaviours. Additionally the programme will help participants to:

  • improve their positive social networks leading to increased integration into the community 
  • improve their relevant skills, experience and focus, leading to increased long-term employment prospects 
  • develop a more positive attitude, more confidence, and a greater sense of responsibility as a member of their community, leading to more informed lifestyle choices 

The programme is always delivered in conjunction with a local delivery partner in the region to ensure it fully meets the needs of the local community but the structure and learning framework of the programme remains the same wherever it is delivered. The programme is led by our world class athletes who are with the young people every step of the way.

Get on Track is split into three stages. On Your Marks, Get Set & Go

On Your Marks is the first stage of the programme where learning activities are used to improve the communication, teamwork and resilience of the young people and help form a bond between the group and the athlete mentors. This is a three day engagement activity full of high energy sessions designed to build a group of young people into a team to go through the programme together. Physical activity sessions are introduced early on so they can start to see the benefits of embedding  physical activity as part of their lifestyle as soon as possible

Get Set is the next stage, where our athletes and partners work to improve the soft skills and the physical activity levels of the young people using a mixture of guided learning and social action.  As part of the social action project, young people can tackle any social issue they wish, as long as there is a community need and that they use sport or physical activity to tackle it.

The next stage of Get Set focusses on young people trying out new physical activities such as Zumba, boxercise, clubercise, volleyball or BMX. There are a series of workshops looking into health & fitness and the positive benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as sessions on nutrition, cooking and mental wellbeing.

Go is the event planned and delivered by the group to celebrate their journey and highlight the achievements throughout the programme. Each event is individual but contains a presentation element where young people will speak in front of an audience containing friends, family and peers, cementing their development and building on their new found confidence. Guests who can offer exit routes in to employment, training, education or volunteering are also invited along to meet the group. 

Thanks to funding from Sport England we piloted the Get on Track for Wellbeing programme with over 700 young people over three years, you can read case studies of some of the young people involved on the programme here

To find out more about Get On Track please email us at [email protected]