Before Get On Track I was like other young people struggling to find a job but on top of that I was grappling with serious anxiety. For as long as I can remember, I’d always had low confidence, self-esteem and self-belief in my abilities which kept me isolated from others and alone.

In the beginning of the Get on Track programme I was really nervous and in the first few weeks I had several anxiety and panic attacks. However, as the programme progressed my mindset changed: during the times where I had felt anxious and scared, the mentors and the group – who became my friends – were there for me and supporting me through it all. Suddenly one day I had a moment where I decided to try to put my over-thinking and anxiety aside; and once I did that I started to have fun and enjoy myself.

Get On Track and meeting my athlete mentors, particularly Michelle, has made me more determined than ever to achieve my goals and my levels of motivation have improved too. I’ve always had a passion for writing and it has always been an avenue for me to cope. The experience has helped me find my inspiration to continue being a writer and someday even get my work published. I’m constantly working on my blog as well as ideas for various novels and book series.

The programme has helped me realise I’m a strong and intelligent person. It’s shown me when I don’t overthink and worry too much, I shine. I’ve been pretty resilient in the face of adversity for most of my life, having to live with challenging mental health and anxiety. I have my good days and my bad days. However, I’ve learnt that if I truly believe in my ability, work hard and be myself, I can make things happen.

For me, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Get On Track made me a better person. It made me realise when I put my fear and anxieties aside and take a risk, I can truly make a difference in the world. I don’t need to be afraid to be myself anymore. Thanks to the Get On Track programme I’ve experienced so many wonderful things and made new friends along the way.

I’m eternally thankful to everyone who’s supported me throughout the past few months, especially Michelle Robinson and Jimmy Corbett. I’m grateful for the constant support and the great pep talks along the way through the good times and the not-so-good times. You always believed in us right from day one, when we were just a group of nervous young adults in a sports hall. And thank you especially, for believing in me and seeing something within me that I couldn’t see or was too afraid to show to the world until now.

Ten Year Update

As a result of Get on Track, Hannah started doing volunteer work with The British Heart Foundation twice a week. Based on the brilliant blogs she wrote, describing her time on the Get on Track programme, she also volunteered within the Communications team at the Trust, working on case studies, press releases and website stories. 

More recently she has gone on to be an ambassador for the Prince's Trust Talent Match programme as well as being a member of the Trust's own youth panel. Hannah continues to write and recently finished a writing program with the Margate Bookie called the 'Poetry Journey' which ended with her performing poetry on stage at her first poetry slam at their local Spring literature festival.