Before Get on Track, Jack was struggling for motivation and was looking for an opportunity to engage in something that interested him. From the start, he continually expressed a willingness to improve and learn and was always open to new ideas and opportunities. 

Jack attended the Get on Track programme in Bridgend in 2019. Athlete mentor Philippa Tuttiett tells his story.

During On Your Marks, Jack was often quiet but always got involved, although he sometimes struggled to come forward and speak within the groups. He really embraced the variety of activities and actually enjoyed getting to work with a variety of different group members. Jack excelled when he was placed in different groups as it enabled him to demonstrate different character traits and qualities which gave a better understanding of his personality and allowed for us to understand best how to assist his personal development. Jack expressed his commitment to the course and desire to make positive changes by committing fully to the course, he was always polite and courteous and always on time.

Jack really enjoyed the physical challenges on the Get Set part of the programme. Despite initially internalising his frustrations he learned to vocalise his thoughts in a positive manner and have a productive impact on whichever team he was working with. From this point on, Jack always gave 100% to the activities and the development of his communication skills.  

The progression we all saw and the successes he gained gave him the confidence to trust himself to speak up within group discussions. This was demonstrated as he started to encourage other people. As he became more comfortable with the group, his caring and considerate side started to come through and he embraced his role within the team. He developed a real sense of ownership and responsibility within the group and despite feeling at times as though certain tasks didn’t suit him, he powered through because in his own words, he knew it would, “help with my teamwork and communications skills. I really enjoyed all the challenges and meeting new people.”

One of the main things that Jack will take away from this course is the positive changes he has made to a healthier lifestyle and increased confidence in all situations. He fully engaged with every opportunity that was offered and actively pursued the nutritional plans that were offered along with the physical activities.

As Jack said at the end of the programme:

I’ve been able to give a little bit more of myself, better myself and make more positive decisions about my life, especially around my health and fitness.

Jack is a reliable young man whose confidence grew throughout Get on Track and as a result the group got to benefit from his knowledge and caring manner. I know he will go from strength to strength from now on.

The Trust would like to thank Bridgend County Borough Council for their support on this programme.