My mother couldn’t look after me, my younger brother and sister, so we all got put into care. Growing up, we were all told that we we’re never going to get anywhere or do anything worthwhile with our lives.

When I was in school I didn’t think I was going to get anywhere or amount to much and had no motivation to do anything. It was only after finishing school a staff member told me to go on the Get On Track course. Before Get on Track I didn’t know where I was going to go and I didn’t know what I was going to do, but when the Trust came along, that all changed.

I wasn’t always the model participant and one session I messed around and threw a basketball across the classroom, which looking back I see was dangerous and irresponsible. At that point I realised how important the course was to me and remember walking off after thinking that was my last chance, I wasn’t going to have another one and I’d just blown it. I was shocked when my athlete mentor came to find me and said the course isn’t like that and everyone deserves another chance. I never thought someone that I had just met would think to give someone like me a second chance.

After that day I wanted to show them that because they believed in me and didn’t give up on me, I wasn’t going to give up on them. My confidence and focus grew so much from then on.

During the course I had a practice interview with a local leisure centre and one of the interviewees Nick said there was a job coming up in the café and he encouraged me to apply for it. I got that job and I love having it and working: to me it’s a huge responsibility. If I didn’t go onto this programme I know I wouldn’t have a job today.

Since graduating from Get On Track, I have been back onto programmes to volunteer and engage other young people which has been an amazing experience.

There isn’t anything out there like it and while I was lucky to have been put on the first Get on Track in Wales, I wish everyone could be given the chance and opportunity.

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