"I didn't expect the training to be as good as it was. I thought I'd meet new mates and mess about a bit but the training and experiences that I've had through joining the Young Leaders training programme are life changing. I can now take different ways of approaching young people into my centres and make my practice as a youth worker better." 

Jordan attended the Young Leaders Training programme in the Colin & Eastside area of Belfast in 2018/2019. The programme aims to create a group of highly motivated, skilled and socially responsible young people who are enthusiastic about driving forward positive change in their communities and in society. It engages young people in sports, physical and creative activities that bring communities together and help create the next generation of community leaders.

Jordan is a great leader, he'll just come in and take charge... I really look forward to seeing how he grows and develops on the programme.

Debbie Byrne, PeacePlayers

"One of the biggest learnings from the programme... was to go to different places with an open mind. Everyone can have the same problems as you, we're not the only people that face problems like violence... just have a different outlook on places when you go. If I didn't attend the young leader training programme I wouldn't be near enough as good a youth worker as I am today or know the stuff that I do now."

The Young Leaders Training and Ambassadors programme is being delivered by Dame Kelly Holmes Trust in partnership with PeacePlayers International NI on behalf of the Department of Communities in various locations in Northern Ireland.

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