Every year hundreds of world class athletes reach a position where they need to consider their lives beyond sport.

We know that world class athletes who receive high quality support at this stage in their life will deliver a lasting impact across a range of societal outcomes. As a result, the UK will benefit from a fit, motivated and high performing workforce which empowers others around them.

More Than Medals
demonstrates the positive contribution this group can make to society, businesses, communities and ultimately the overall UK economy, if they are supported and developed effectively.

The campaign was launched with an inaugural conference in October 2016, which included a keynote speech from UK Sport CEO Liz Nicholl.

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

At Dame Kelly Holmes Trust we are the UK’s leading developer of world class athlete talent for social outcomes.

We specialise in harnessing the attitudes of world class athletes beyond sport and developing their skills to transform the lives of young people facing disadvantage. This supports our wider vision to ensure the long-term welfare of the UK’s athlete community.

Why world class athletes?

Independent research conducted by Professor David Lavallee and Dr Pete Coffee at the University of Stirling demonstrates athletes ability to be high performing beyond sport across a diverse range of roles, including mentoring young people. They found:

  • Engaging in elite sport elevates employer evaluations of potential job candidates
  • Elite athletes making the transition into work possess essential employability skills
  • Employers should view elite athletes in transition as valuable resources and capitalise on their extraordinary skills to manage challenging economic times

The research also highlights the potential of athletes to be ‘future leaders and influencers’ and deliver indirect benefits to the performance of their colleagues. This leads to the whole team raising their game.

You can read more about the research in our programme from the day.