I was depressed, just doing nothing. Sat upstairs on my Xbox, living a really boring life. I was quite annoyed and was really low. My little brother has all sorts of disabilities and I just do the odd thing where I can to help out. It can be a lot of pressure because if you do something wrong then obviously it could be bad.

I was out of work for a while so I started doing a lot more voluntary work at the youth centre. Lisa, who is the youth leader there, came up to me one day and said I’ve got this thing set up that would be good for you to attend, it was the Get on Track programme.

Tony Lormor – Athlete Mentor

I’d known Lisa for a long time and I really trust her judgement. I didn’t give Shane any special treatment but he just engaged with the group and what we were trying to do very, very quickly. He took the KFC work experience opportunity that was offered and threw himself into it wholeheartedly

As part of the programme, KFC offered to give all participants work experience in one of their Nottingham stores. Shane grabbed the opportunity with both hands and ended up being offered a position with KFC.

My relationship was Tony was really good. We’d have a bit of banter and get on really well. I turned up for every session and just did my best.What motivated me during the course and also outside of the course was that I really wanted a job, I wanted some income and I wanted to start my career.

Anthony – KFC Restaurant Manager

They learn a lot of skills on the Get on Track course. Working with the athletes, they get a lot of skills around organisation, determination and focus, all the things we are looking for in people. The good thing with Shane is that once he’d learned one thing, he was straight away asking what else he could learn. Shane is a great role model now to the staff I have here. All of the caring that he does for his family and then to come to work and give 100% every day is amazing.

To start off being so low and so depressed, it was really difficult. It feels good to get to the stage I am now where I’m happy and I can get on with my life. I’m getting a wage in and making people proud.

It feels good.

Many thanks to KFC for offering work experience opportunities to all the participants on this Nottingham Get on Track programme.